Our Principles of Leadership Development.

Outstanding leadership has many dimensions. It is a blend of several factors, all of which are built into the leadership courses. These include:

  • Emotional Literacy and Emotional Intelligence;
  • Intellectual Discipline;
  • Hard-edged training and challenge;
  • Professional learning;
  • Professional humility; a preparedness to accept we may be wrong;
  • Implementation and critical reflection on what has been learned.

Wrapped around these dimensions other key elements include:

  • The development and implementation of an educational vision and philosophy;
  • Understanding of systems’ strengths and weaknesses;
  • A preparedness to redesign;
  • Professional attitudes and behaviours;
  • Professional courage.

We believe that successful leadership development only exists by:

  • Seeing every professional as a leader of learning as well as of people;
  • Signalling the importance of leadership development as a key priority to all staff;
  • Creating a climate in which leadership development is seen as a right and the norm;
  • Understanding that IMPACT comes from leadership development which is:
    • Designed around the needs of colleagues at every stage of their careers;
    • Led by professionals with the right blend of passion and successful experience, and who are trained as trainers;
    • Based on real situations;
    • Characterized by “actively learning”;
    • Informed by hard-edged experience and research.
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'Completing the Stepping up to Senior Leadership Programme has given me new insights and has helped me gain confidence in my current role. I was given time and advice on how to reflect and improve'.