Why We Exist

purposesOutstanding leadership is essential to school and system-wide excellence. The ideal is for every school, college and academy to be superbly led at every level and, as a result, to achieve sustainable excellence in learning, teaching, progress and attainment.

We will never know more than we do now about what makes outstanding teaching and learning, or about what makes schools authentically excellent. The most fundamental factor in securing great schools and system-wide excellence is the quality of schools’ leadership.

We exist to help deliver the ideal – for every school, academy and college to be superbly led at every level and, as a result, to achieve sustainable excellence in teaching and learning, progress and attainment for all our pupils, and to enhance the development of “the whole child”.

Our Core Beliefs.

  • Good leaders may be “born” but they can also be “made”.
  • We cannot settle for mediocrity in leadership on any level.
  • We know that the best leadership in Lancashire matches the best in the world; we want to use this expertize to ensure high quality leadership at every level in every school.
  • Every teacher (and other school-based professionals) should have a right to experience high quality leadership development at every stage of their careers, from traineeship to retirement.
  • The environment in which we work is constantly changing, and the demands on our leadership skills change with it; having opportunities to refresh and review leadership capabilities is essential for all of us;
  • Such leadership development should enable them to be more effective as leaders in their current role and to prepare for their next.
  • This does not necessarily mean driving “to the top”; for many, career development will mean preparing for promotion but for others it will involve preparation for distinctive new direction or roles and responsibilities at the same “level” and they have the same rights and needs.
  • School Leadership Development is most effective when “owned” by schools; planned, delivered and evaluated by effective professionals.
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'Completing the Stepping up to Senior Leadership Programme has given me new insights and has helped me gain confidence in my current role. I was given time and advice on how to reflect and improve'.