Leading in the Classroom


“Leadership in the classroom is more about how to inspire and connect with pupils rather than just teach them. I have seen a great impact with two difficult pupils across the school already.”

“I have already started to make use of the different tips and techniques discussed. It has made me more confident in leading in the classroom.”


“A great help and really informative! A fantastic course – I would recommend it to any NQT / ITT teachers!”

“Leadership isn’t about management. It is about more than that and has an emotional, human side. I will change the way I structure my lessons. The presenter is a very knowledgeable practitioner and I have learnt a lot from him.”

“It has helped give me strategies to build a positive and authoritative presence in the classroom.”

“Thought provoking.”

“The presenter is very pleasant, approachable and interesting.”

“The course has highlighted key elements of leadership and the differences between leadership and management. I have gained lots of insight into leadership and many ideas to experiment with in my own teaching.”

“I can see the links between leading in the classroom and leading in any situation more clearly.”

“I am going to re-visit some of my behaviour management techniques and personalise them more. The presenter is excellent, passionate and engaging.”

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'Completing the Stepping up to Senior Leadership Programme has given me new insights and has helped me gain confidence in my current role. I was given time and advice on how to reflect and improve'.