Leading an Effective Department

“The programme has made me look at my role as a leader differently and made me consider whether people in my department feel led.”

“The programme made me think about what my vision for the department actually is and how I share that with the members of the department.”

“I have found the programme very useful. It has made me reflect on how I fulfil my role, particularly in terms of vision, challenge and support.”

“The programme has allowed me to focus on the basics of leadership, focus on a vision and ensure I challenge and support my co-workers.”

“I am now a lot clearer on the idea of a vision.”

“The programme made me realise how important emotional intelligence is to the running of a team. It made me realise that there are strategies you can follow to help certain situations.”

“It has given ideas for different approaches on how to handle conflicts, meetings and lesson observations.”

“The presenter was very good – approachable and very helpful.”

” I am about to become a Head of Department and now I have a better idea of what qualities work well and will inspire others in my department.”

“The presenter is fab! He is clear, interesting and always gives opportunity to ask questions or clarify.”

“The programme has made clear the differences between management and leadership and what qualities make a good leader rather that just a manager.”

“The presenter gave lots of good advice.”

“Some excellent ideas on managing difficult scenarios.”

“The course has made me re-evaluate how I approach people.”

“The programme has made me reflect on my own practice. I feel more confident about making changes and leading.”

“The programme was a reminder of what I already knew but there were plenty of useful tips. It has given me the confidence for my new role in school. Very valuable.”

“The presenter is excellent, friendly and helpful. 10/10.”

“Normally I switch off at courses but I listened to every word and was engaged throughout.”

“I will now use coaching more.”

“There has been lots of useful methods and strategies which I can use.”

“Valuable methods in setting a vision, monitoring progress and handling conflict.”

“I have enjoyed the course and found it useful. The presenter was clear, very easy to understand and very engaging.”

“It has made me reflect on aspects I hadn’t yet thought of or considered. I was able to gain knowledge of different aspects also though the other colleagues on the course.”

“The programme gave me more clarity on the role and how to approach difficult situations. It showed me how to get people on board It has given me more confidence.”

“The presenter is very good, personable, friendly and knowledgeable.”

“The programme gave me an insight on what makes a successful department and how I can develop my own skills to become a better person and leader within a department.”

“Extremely valuable!! Pointed out my strengths and areas of improvement.”

“The presenter I an asset to the profession.”

“The programme has made me more confident applying for a Head of Department role.

“The presenter is fantastic.”

“The presenter is outstanding.”

“The programme helped me appreciate and use people to their strengths.”

“I now have a much better understanding of the differences between being a leader and a manager.”

“Very helpful. every session has given me something to take away that will enable me to be a better leader.”

“I really enjoyed al the sessions.”

“A fantastic way to re-focus my own thinking outside of my school bubble.”

“I would really enjoy coming on other courses like this in the future.”

“Very new to the role, hadn’t got a clue what I was made to do. Now feel more confident. Excellent to mix with staff from other schools.”

“The presenter was excellent and very clear. he gave us time to think about topics and discuss with others.”

“The programme provided me with key aspects of how to run an effective department.”

“Very valuable and worthwhile as a new Head of Department.”

“The presenter is brilliant, very friendly and approachable with a vast wealth of experience.”

“The programme made me realise that leadership is about dealing with people, not completing tasks.”

“It has made me consider how to build an effective team.”

“A very understated delivery that is compelling and informative.”

“It has given me a number of things to think about that will help me run the department effectively.”

“As a new manager, this has been a very valuable introduction.”

“The presenter is excellent, insightful, engaging and full of useful and practical tips.”

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'Completing the Stepping up to Senior Leadership Programme has given me new insights and has helped me gain confidence in my current role. I was given time and advice on how to reflect and improve'.