Stepping up to Middle Leadership


“The course helped me recognise the difference between leadership and management and the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership. I will consider different leadership styles when dealing with a situation.”

“It has given me a great insight into not only the way I approach leadership but also how others may view the actions I take and my motivations behind them.”

“Absolutely invaluable. It has really encouraged me to take a more proactive approach and really challenge the way I do things.”

“The presenter is amazing. The narration throughout was engaging and enthusiastic. All the activities were really beneficial in developing my understanding.”

“I honestly feel this is the most useful course I have ever participated in and I will definitely want to book further courses.”

“I feel more confident in my ability to lead. It has been brilliant and helped me gain my new role.”

“The programme was very valuable. I am looking to apply for a Head of Year position and this will be valuable at interview and with situations that may arise.”

“The presenter explained and delivered well.”

“We looked at all the issues and strategies that will/could arise in a leadership role.”

“I would be more confident in considering applying for leadership roles.”

“Having the knowledge and theory behind decision-making and actions will make me consider how I decide and act in future situations.”

“The course has challenged me to really think about what leadership means and how to deal with a variety of situations. One of the things that concerns me about leadership is people management and dealing with conflicts. I feel reassured and empowered with strategies and approaches that can be adopted. This programme has been very valuable and will impact on my role at school now and in the future.”

“It has been very worthwhile and I would recommend this course to others.”

“This course has helped develop confidence and understanding of a god leader. It has helped identify the importance of supporting and challenging staff to form stronger units.”

“The presenter has a wonderful way of allowing myself to understand and see how I could implement the session focuses in my normal school day and routines.”

“It was very helpful to look at the different leadership styles.”

“It has revived my personal values about what is important about leading – building relationships based on respect and trust.”

“The presenter¬†was wonderful, really relaxed and easy to talk with. He created a really good ambiance for us to bond as a group and work together.”

“I have been able to consider the wider implications of my leadership styles more closely. The presenter is very good – some excellent advice and knowledge, supported by experience.”

“Invaluable! Deeper understanding of what people expect of me. The presenter is brilliant, knowledgeable le, friendly and always helpful!”

“Leadership to me was just supporting – now I know it is challenge also. I have very much enjoyed the sessions. I have learnt so much and I know for certain that this has already started to help me with my role. The presenter is excellent. He is an expert and a good leader. He is very well spoken and make it look so easy!”

‘”This will change my life!”

“It has challenged my perceptions about the qualities a good leader has and how difficult situations can be resolved. The presenter was fluent and everything was covered in just the right amount of detail. The programme was well-balanced, thoughtful and engaging.”

“Excellent delivery, planning, structure and activities.”

“It has helped me identify the different elements involved in what makes a good leader and also aspects of my own practice that I need to develop.”

“In my future career, I feel that I have been equipped with the confidence to deal with difficult situations. I feel that I could assess and manage other staff members effectively.”

I have had the opportunity to look at my current responsibility within school and reflect on how I have managed situations in the past and how to improve how I have dealt with these. There have been a number of approaches I just would never have considered.”

“Very valuable. I have taken and used a lot of the advice and discussion we have had.”

“The presenter is fantastic! Good relationship with all attendees. Very inspiring.”

“I now feel more confident and don’t feel as intimidated by leadership. It has given me a lot more confidence to aspire to move up. I feel like even though I am young, I could approach other older, more experienced members.”

“Excellent style of delivery by an experienced, knowledgeable person. Approachable, calm, considered and full of good ideas. Thank you so much.”

“The presenter is very professional. A good role model!”


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'Completing the Stepping up to Senior Leadership Programme has given me new insights and has helped me gain confidence in my current role. I was given time and advice on how to reflect and improve'.