AG6Outstanding leadership is essential to school and system-wide excellence. The ideal is for every school, college and academy to be superbly led at every level and, as a result, to achieve sustainable excellence in learning, teaching, progress and attainment.

While it may be true that great leaders are “born”, it is also true that good and great leaders can be “made”.

There have been many attempts in recent years to create the means of fulfilling the first of these ambitions by means of the second. It is our purpose to do exactly that. The aim of this school-led Leadership Academy is to enable those working in schools to control their professional development in respect of both content and time.


Programmes and Courses

At every stage of a professionals career there are discernible Leadership Development opportunities and needs. What is set out in this section, is an offer which is as closely related to colleagues’ needs at each of these stages as possible.


How it works

It is essential that we remain responsive to ever-changing needs, so any unmet or emerging need and the requirement to change the emphases in existing provision will be eagerly listened to by Iain Hulland and Geoff Hewitt, who deliver the courses. It is part of their role to ensure the relevance of the offer.